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plumme pure plum beauty oil for skin and hair our story

Natural plum oil for skin and hair!

Your skin needs proper and regular care to be healthy and radiant. At Plummé Beauty, we believe that skincare should be effective, but at the same time gentle, pure, and natural, without chemicals or synthetic fragrances. We understand that in today’s world it is increasingly difficult to find pure, natural, and chemical-free facial care products that work wonders on the skin. For this reason, we have developed 100% organic, pure, and natural plum oil, which offers a complete chemical-free treatment for both your skin and hair. Plum oil is suitable for every skin type – from dry to oily and from sensitive to acne-prone by moisturizing the skin gently, without chemical exposure.

How was Plummé Beauty born?

Plummé Beauty started from real family ties and was inspired by a desire to use the most organic, clean and vitamin-rich products possible, that nourish the skin in various ways. Each of us is a little different and the skin has different needs, though we had a common desire and mission to find a product that would be both minimalist and natural while providing versatile skincare. As a result of joint efforts, we found that plum oil offers it all! Thanks to plum oil, the skin is richly nourished, moisturized and glowing! After discovering the good nature of plum oil we wanted to share this wonderful product with everyone else. Today everyone can find high-quality plum oil from the Plummé Beauty online store.

What is plum oil?

Aromatic plum oil with a slight marzipan undertone is derived from the plum kernel by cold pressing. This omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acid-rich natural oil is loaded with vitamins A and E. Plum oil heals, protects, and moisturizes both skin and hair and should be an indispensable companion in every woman’s cosmetic bag. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, plum oil helps to reduce puffiness, relieve skin irritation, dryness as well as dark spots and wrinkles on the skin, leaving the facial skin always evenly beautiful and moisturized. Plum oil also relieves various skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Compared to other beauty oils, plum oil provides significantly greater care to the skin, protecting it from free radicals up to eight times more effectively than, for example, argan oil.

What is the uniqueness/charm of Plummé plum oil?

Plummé plum oil is originated from the high-quality organic plum (Prunus Domestica) kernels grown in France. The oil is derived from the plum kernel by cold pressing while retaining the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in the seeds. The oil has not been chemically treated or scented, being 100% natural and safe, and also suitable for sensitive skin. The purpose of plum oil is to moisturize delicate facial skin and protect it from damage, making it perfect as a make-up foundation.

Plummé plum oil is:

● Organic – made only from high-quality plum (Prunus Domestica) kernels
● Luxurious yet affordable – our mission is to make quality facial care accessible to everyone
● Vegan – suitable for vegans
● Aromatic – with a naturally sweet, slightly marzipan scent that will make you fall in love in an instant
● Without additives – 100% natural without harmful fragrances and preservatives
● Suitable for all skin types – provides support for acne-prone, dry and oily skin
● Non-comedogenic – allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores or cause comedones
● Environmentally friendly – made of plum kernels without wasting fresh fruit
● Cruelty-free – Plummé plum oil is not tested on animals

What are the advantages of plum oil over other beauty oils?

The advantage of beauty oil compared to moisturizing cream is the ability to nourish the skin deeply by providing the necessary nutrients and maintaining the skin’s protective barrier, protecting it from external damage. Since the outer layers of our skin are also oil-based, facial oils offer the best protection to the skin. Plum oil contains many times more antioxidants than other beauty oils, offering in addition to olive oil also strong competition for both argan and marula oil. Plum kernel oil contains three times more vitamin E than olive oil, offers eight times more effective protection than argan oil, is six times more powerful moisturizer than marjoram oil, and also has modest SPF protection. In addition, it contains a large amount of linoleic acid, helping to make hair soft and silky while offering flexibility and an effective anti-ageing effect to the skin. Plum oil is quickly absorbed, leaving no unpleasant “mask effect” on the skin or hair.

How to use plum oil?

Pure and natural plum oil is suitable for use on the face and hair as well as for blending into moisturizing face cream or serum. Plum oil helps to protect and care for the skin, leaving the skin moisturized. It can also be safely applied to dry and prone lips. The oil helps to restore moisture balance by creating a protective layer against external irritants. Plum oil is also suitable for use on moist hair, providing it with protection from damage and keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Treat yourself with the best beauty oil! Plummé plum beauty oil is available in our online store


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